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Creating Dynamic Muslim to be Future Leaders!

To be the Islamic School reference in Indonesia as a foundation in the developing of a civilised generation.

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We offer a tri-curriculum academic programme where: UN curriculum is supported by enrichment programmes and regular try-outs, the Al-Azhar Curriculum, focuses on Islamic Studies, Arabic (written and spoken) and Tahfidz (regular 1 Juz per year and intensive 30-Juz over two years), and the International Curriculum, follows the Cambridge approach YLE at Primary Level and IGCSE (English, Maths and Sciences) and TOEFL preparation.


Vision:“To be the Islamic School reference in Indonesia as a foundation in the developing of a civilised generation”

Mission: To produce Muslims who strong faith (Aqidah), broader knowledge, noble character, high skill and creativity, independence, high achievement and strong leadership…



  • About world around them and different concepts (Islamic, Science, Maths, Social)
  • To begin to communicate in Arabic and English
  • How to follow instructions
  • To memorize Al Qur'an at a young age
  • To Pray and Recite Suplication


GRADE 1 - 6

The aim of our school is to realize the full potential of all students within dynamic learning environment. National Curriculum,International Curriculum,Al-Azhar Cairo Curriculum,Competitive Extra-curricular



"Secondary level is a continuity of the primary programs when the 3 curriculums, National, Cambridge (IGCSE) and Al-Azhar Cairo are implemented. In addition, students at this level have started to prepare themeselves to be junior researchers, where all subjects are taught in the form of project-based approach".


Student Testimonial

Haidar Alyardan Putra

Frankfurt Goethe University, Germany

You must always use your time as productive as possible, because it is really really important. I always follow the principle from pak habibie, that is "if the others do nothing in their free time, then it would be better for me, if i do something productive". For example, you can solve some questions from the tuitions(pelajaran), like physics, maths and etc. Then you must always remember to pray and to remember Allah S.W.T. I think it is all from me.

Hasna Hapsari Suhartono

Coburg University, Germany

Hasna und ich habe in 2018 von Syafana Secondary abgeschlossen. Ich wurde am Studienkolleg Coburg aufgenommen und versuche den Aufnahmeprüfung am Niedersächsen Studienkolleg in Hannover zu bestehen. Zu meinen Junioren, vergiss niemals Allah SWT. Bete immer pünktlich und vertraue Ihm. Geben Sie immer Ihr Bestes in ihrem Leben, egal was passiert, denn Ihre Bemühungen sind genauso wichtig. Ihr könnt es auch tun! .

  • Kami mempercayakan Hasan dibimbing di SYAFANA sejak Taman Kanak-kanak hingga kelas 12. Dan hasilnya? Hasan menjadi anak yang percaya diri, dan lingkungan pergaulannya baik..

    . . .
  • My son has studied here from primary to Grade 12. I’m very happy to send him to this school, his achievement and character is great

    . . .
  • I see the change of behavior in my child, he has become a child who can express who he is and have a good social values.

    . . .
    Ibu Hilda